About Us

About Us

Implementing software can be a complex beast, but getting it right comes down to just a few simple ingredients. Those are; understanding the business needs, creating the right solution to meet them, a robust onboarding program and keeping momentum whilst embedding the solution. We call this UNCLE©

Who We Are

Tangram is a collective of agency process and systems experts from across the globe. We are trusted implementation partners to some of the world’s largest agencies and agency software providers.

We are a consultancy set up specifically to help creative businesses. Having spent years inside these workplaces, we understand the challenges that can come up – from timesheet compliance through to getting the most out of your data. Our job? Helping sort these issues out.

Our process is open and collaborative. We work with your existing strengths and utilize a range of systems, software and methodologies to deliver a tailored solution unique to your business. Our end goal is always the same: Giving your business the tools to thrive both creatively and commercially.

Where We Come From

We have worked in agency finance, systems and operational functions. Since our inception in 2014 we have quickly become a respected and independent knowledge hub, supporting process and software implementation across the world.

Our expertise covers many solutions including Deltek WorkBook, Scope, AccountAbility, Deltek TrafficLIVE, Streamtime and Xero’s WorkflowMax.

Our involvement is at all stages of the process, from assessing needs and selecting the right software provider, all the way through to staff training and ongoing optimization.

What We Do

Our clients range from boutique to blue-chip organizations. They engage us to deliver projects that incorporate business analysis, optimization and implementation. Our services include process transformation, change management and the end-to-end delivery of software installation programs.

We are committed to providing clients with both the freedom to choose the right solution for them, and the strength of our long-standing relationships with major software providers.

Our Clients

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