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We're agency process and systems experts

Our global team has managed business transformations for top global agency networks and leading independents. 

Where We Come From

Our expertise covers many solutions including Deltek WorkBook, Scope, AccountAbility, Deltek TrafficLIVE, Streamtime and Xero’s WorkflowMax.

We can support agencies in finance, systems and operational functions. We have managed business transformations for top global agency networks and leading independents.

Meet the Tangram Team

Helen Johnson, Founder and Managing Director

In 2014, Helen founded Tangram, to help agencies navigate the complexities of project management and system integration. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for driving successful outcomes for agencies, Helen continues to be a leading force in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). 

With over 16 years of experience working with leading agencies in product implementation, optimisation, and integration, Helen’s led projects with TMSW, Fitch, Wunderman, VML, AKQA and Town Square.  

Helen has spearheaded some of the largest WorkBook implementation projects on a global scale. Her expertise extends globally and locally, showcasing a diverse range of implementations across platforms such as WorkBook, Workfront, Netsuite, TrafficLIVE, and Oracle (Peoplesoft & Micros). 

Christian Arpe-Hansen, Partner

Christian, a former CFO for leading agencies, has held key finance roles for numerous years in both independent and network agencies. Christian is one of the original owners of WorkBook A/S, where he played a pivotal role for 7 years before its acquisition by Deltek. Christian has led some of the largest WorkBook implementation projects on a global scale. His hands-on experience has been instrumental in transforming financial processes and streamlining operations for agencies.  

As a qualified accountant, Christian brings a robust financial background to Tangram, ensuring a meticulous approach to financial management and implementation for clients.  


With over 20 years of experience in agency management roles, Nicky stands as a seasoned professional understanding the intricacies of internal systems and processes for agencies.  

Nicky partners with Tangram’s largest network agencies such as dentsu, Merkle, dentsu Creative, iProspect, Carat, Project Worldwide, George P. Johnson, and Darkhorse. She brings a wealth of expertise to every stage of the project lifecycle and has supported agencies with technology solutioning, software management, platform integrations and automations, business intelligence reporting solutions, M&A, business improvement and process optimisations.  

Our Clients

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