Deltek ConceptShare Online Proofing Software

Whether you’re an in-house creative team producing content for marketing campaigns or an agency responsible for delivering digital marketing campaigns for clients, creative assets always need to be reviewed and approved before they are distributed. Deltek ConceptShare’s online proofing software enables marketing and creative teams to deliver more content faster, and at less cost by streamlining and speeding up the review and approval process.



Keep the Review Team Aligned

When content requires five, 10, or even 100 pairs of eyes on it before it can go out the door, it’s crucial that everyone on the review team is aligned with exactly what’s required, and by when. Deltek ConceptShare makes it easy to create reviews with well-defined parameters and deadlines, automatic reminders and notifications. So, the entire review team, including clients and external reviewers, are on the same page at all times.

Get Clear, Actionable Feedback

Misunderstood feedback is one of the primary reasons a project gets delayed. Deltek ConceptShare ensures that your team gets clear, actionable feedback on a variety of content with simple, intuitive features that allow you to markup and comment directly onto an asset. If feedback is unclear, just reply to any comment to collaborate on and clarify requests before revisions begin – effectively reducing rework and decreasing delays.

Track and Audit
Process Performance

Keep a detailed history of every markup, comment, review and approval in order to prove proper approvals and meet organizational and brand compliance policies.

Streamline the Review Cycle

29% of in-house agencies say the average turnaround time for approvals is a week or more.* Deltek ConceptShare’s intuitive features help you optimize your time when giving feedback and making revisions to help accelerate the review cycle. Save time by ensuring that everyone is giving feedback on the most recent version of an asset, prioritizing and filtering feedback by what is in scope and approved, and confirming that revisions were made correctly with side-by-side comparison features.

*2018 In-House Creative Management Report. InMotionNow + InSource

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