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5 Amazing Ways to Boost Agency Productivity

When looking at ways to boost agency productivity, it’s worth looking back. The U.S. Navy was really onto something in the 1960s when they created the design principle “Keep it Simple, Stupid.” The saying shortened to the acronym KISS was thought first to have been said by Kelly Johnson, the lead engineer at the Lockheed Skunk Works. It does, however, work on so many levels in the advertising agency sector. 

To remain productive, the most successful agencies don’t over-complicate their processes. Choose a direction, chart a course and stick to it. Even in these days of working from home, due to Covid, keeping it simple, simply works. 

Keep it Simple, Stupid

Keeping it simple will boost agency profitability

Forget Change for Change Sake

It’s all well and good having a grand, master plan, but without practical procedures in place, it becomes a pipe dream. So many people waste valuable time and resources trying to change things. But change for change’s sake is merely trying to reinvent the wheel. Working hard in a focussed manner wins every time. 

Stubbornly working towards a previously undiscovered one-size-fits-all solution so often dominates. While those working hard on obvious and practical solutions actually get things done. Without a doubt, the most productive agencies are those, not over-complicating systems and processes. So often, we hear of businesses employing a massive overhaul of their systems and process. Tweaking is normally all that is necessary to really boost agency productivity. So before trying to fix that which isn’t broken, first consider the simple things. 

Let's look at The Best 5 Ways to Boost Agency Productivity

A belief in an undiscovered cure-all system, solution, or strategy alleviates our obligation to work hard at the obvious and practical. In reality, the most productive agencies do not over-complicate their processes; they chart a course and follow it at full speed. Agencies employ operational overhaul as a solution far too often when in reality, all that’s necessary is some fine-tuning. Next time you get the urge to reinvent your operational structures, consider the following first:

1: Collaboration is Key

Create an atmosphere of trust throughout your organization. To collaborate from the ground up, you need to build trust, openness, and transparency. Once your colleagues and clients see this, collaborating with them becomes natural. We all want the same thing, so let’s make sure that we are all in it together. The buzzword synergy was voted the most annoying buzzword in 2020* only dropping one spot to number two in 2021. However, the fact remains that we were all using synergy long before it even became a buzzword. Why? Because it is a powerful concept that works. 

2: Always Have the Right Tools to Hand

Eliminate administration waste by implementing the use of well-proven agency tools. Check out some of the amazing tools available from Tangram here. Proven tools like Workbook save time and money and are necessary for the drive to boost agency productivity. The best tools are straightforward and easy to understand. Yet again, keeping it simple. Put the tools in place, and they will streamline your agency, leading to higher profitability and happier teams.

3: Boost Agency Productivity by Future Planning

Your teams must understand your vision for the future. Clearly articulate your future goals and always define your metrics of success. It is, of course, O.K. to analyze your past successes, but it is more important to clearly plan for the future. Each of your departments needs to fully understand what is expected of them. Expected revenue streams, public relations, resource allocation, and cost control, etc need to be laid out. Each team needs to know exactly what is expected of it and be accountable. 

To boost agency prfoitability always keep the end in sight

4: Planning for Profit

It’s one thing having a great idea, another entirely turning that into profit. To paraphrase Alan Miltz, “Turnover for vanity and profit for sanity”. To plan in advance for profitability requires a solid grasp of expenditure. You must ensure resource allocation fully matches your project’s capacity to generate profit. To be certain to boost agency profitability requires precise labor distribution. Get your company scheduling right, and the rest will fall into place.

5: Standardization in a Strategic Manner

Make strategic improvements to your systems and processes by ensuring correct documentation and proper analysis. Your account services personnel must adopt a strong ability to manage and understand project data, scope, and relevant financial metrics. They will then make the correct decisions based on information rather than ‘feel’. Successful agencies boost agency productivity by understanding collaborative procedures. Thus providing on-time, standardized reporting, which they can then pass on to the relevant decision-makers. 

Summary of how to Boost Agency Profitability

Hard work and simplicity beat complicated systems and constant change every time. If you articulate your end game clearly to your team, utilise the best software, and keep it simple, growth will come. For a thorough 360º approach to your software needs, contact Tangram.

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