Workfront Integration

AccountAbility’s Workfront Integration

In our latest video we take a look at the integration between AccountAbility and Workfront.

The team behind agency ERP system AccountAbility, have built an integration with workflow management system, Workfront.

Done in collaboration with Work Management Australia, this Workfront integration is about ensuring you get a top agency financial management platform, with the added benefits of workflow management, collaboration and proofing.

Why the integration?

We asked Terry McMillan, AccountAbility’s Founder, Chief Architect and CEO, to share the details of this collaboration.

“Today’s agencies deploy a range of specialist solutions to run their business. The idea that a single solution from one vendor can meet all of the agency’s financial, workflow and ancillary business requirements no longer stands up to scrutiny.

AccountAbility provides the leading financial management platform. Another crucial platform agencies require is workflow/collaboration – and one of the strongest solutions in that space is Workfront.

Workfront also incorporates a leading proofing tool. Which was another key reason we partnered with Work Management Australia to build the integration between AccountAbility and Workfront.”

So how does the integration work?

Once there is a job and an approved estimate in AccountAbility, the integration creates the job and tasks in Workfront.

Workfront can then be used to manage the workflow of the project including assigning specific employees to tasks, collaboration and proof management and keeping an eye on the health of the project as a whole.

Once staff do their timesheets in Workfront, those timesheets are posted back into AccountAbility so job financial reporting remains accurate. 

So, this Workfront integration will not only keep your team happy, it should also keep the agency CFO happy too.

Watch our video to see the AccountAbility and Workfront integration in action…

If you would like more information on this Workfront integration, contact AccountAbility or Work Management Australia.

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