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Making The Best Use of Agency Tech

In an era where technology is the driving force behind business evolution, agencies stand at the forefront of innovation. The effective utilisation of agency tech isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity for staying competitive, efficient, and adaptable. With so many agencies not getting the best out of their agency tech, we share our tips on how to improve usage and reap the benefits. 

The tech landscape for agencies is vast and diverse, ranging from project management tools and client collaboration platforms to advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions. Amid this array of possibilities, the challenge lies not just in adopting technology but in making the best use of it for sustained agency growth.  

To make the best use of your tech requires the right system, the right implementation approach, and training. 

1. Evaluate Agency Needs and Prioritise

Every agency has its unique set of needs and challenges. Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of these needs and prioritising them is crucial. Understand what aspects of your workflow can benefit most from technology integration. Whether it’s streamlining project management, enhancing client communication, or optimising data analysis, prioritising needs sets the stage for targeted tech adoption. 

For example, content agency, Mahlab was looking to streamline and automate key agency processes and needed an ERP system that would replace WorkflowMax and MYOB, plus the various spreadsheets they were using to manage projects and agency finance. 

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2. Embrace Scalable Solutions

In the fast-paced world of adland, scalability is key. Choose tech solutions that not only meet your current needs but can adapt and grow with your agency. Scalable solutions ensure that your tech investments remain relevant as your agency evolves, preventing the need for frequent overhauls and reducing disruptions to your operations. 

Deltek WorkBook is built by ex-agency folks and used by small independent agencies as well as the more established network agencies like dentsu, Ogilvy and George P Johnson.  

3. Assemble a Robust Implementation Team

A robust implementation team is non-negotiable. This team, carefully selected from your in-house talent pool, should blend vision with pragmatism. Building internal support networks is vital for smooth system operation. 

When seeking an external partner, prioritise dynamic influencers who are experts in their field. The right partners bring invaluable rewards. They take the time to map your agency’s processes to the system, ensuring optimal technology use from the start, resulting in long-term savings. 

At Tangram, we have Consultants from a wide range of backgrounds, from accounting, agency operations and leadership. Our Consultants have worked on some of the largest WorkBook implementation projects on a global scale and know agency operations inside out.  

Don’t overlook the need for organisational change during tech implementation. Carefully chosen internal and external partners are your allies in navigating and driving this essential transformation. A well-assembled implementation team ensures not just tech adoption but embraces change for sustained success. 

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4. Invest in Employee Training

The success of agency tech adoption hinges on the proficiency of your team. Investing in training programs ensures that your employees not only understand how to use the tools but also recognise the value they bring to their daily tasks. Empowered and skilled employees are more likely to embrace technology, maximizing its benefits for the agency. 

Teach by Tangram is an eLearning tool offering interactive inductions and training for agencies. All learning modules are self-paced and perfect for introducing new team members to Deltek WorkBook or refresher training for existing employees. 

Need help choosing or implementing your agency tech?

Here at Tangram, we have some of the finest experts in agency software implementation. Drop us a line at for more information.

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