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Deltek WorkBook 13.5 Review – What These Updates Mean for Your Agency 

The Updates in a Nutshell

Overall, these updates aren’t going to revolutionise your workflows and processes. A lot of the updates are bug fixes which will make life much easier for you. There are some exciting new features that will help with reporting, which will be music to finance teams’ ears, but there are also some key issues to be aware of. 

Dive in with us as we break down the major changes, their impact, and what your agency needs to know to get the most out of Deltek WorkBook 13.5. 

What's New and Noteworthy in Deltek WorkBook 13.5?

Databoards – API URL 

  • What’s the Update? The Databoard API URL now includes the option of using a mirrored reporting database. What does this mean? Previously, large databoards took a long time to load but with this update, everything runs much faster. Deltek includes this huge, new capability as part of your exisiting licenses. Win-win!   
  • How It Impacts Agencies: We love a good databoard at Tangram! With this update, you can use data from monthly reports with thousands of transactions. The speed improvement is the best part. Previously, running large databoards could slow down the entire system but now load and speed issues are significantly reduced.  

Note: It’s not mandatory to use this in version 13.5, but it will be in version 13.6. Start inventorying your connected databoards and transition to the new reporting APIs to stay ahead. 

Finance Bookings Reporting – Report 264 

  • What’s the Update? Filtering by Practice Area (Dimension Type 33) in Report 264 now provides detailed financial insights, focusing on various dimensions like practice areas.  
  • How It Impacts Agencies: This makes financial reporting more accurate and insightful, helping you keep a better handle on how different practice areas are performing. It also aids in categorising and analysing financial data more effectively. 

Date Fields 

  • What’s the Update? In previous versions of Deltek WorkBook, you’d tab across to a date field, start typing your date and find that it didn’t pick up the first number. Not a biggie, but does interrupt your data-entry flow! 
  • How It Impacts Agencies: For teams that frequently enter dates, like Finance teams, this fix will make life much easier. You can now enter dates accurately without having to enter the first number twice. 

Rich Text Editor Update 

  • What’s the Update? The Rich Text Editor component, used throughout the WorkBook application, has been upgraded.  
  • How It Impacts Agencies: The new editor is tidier and offers a more cohesive experience across the application, making it easier to use for tasks like creating job briefings and editing documents. 

Key Watch-Outs for Agencies with Deltek WorkBook 13.5

Jobs – Invoices 

  • What’s the Issue? When you switch the print layout, payment terms, or payment method on a job invoice, you need to do a soft refresh to save these changes before making any other updates. If you forget, the changes won’t stick. 
  • How It Impacts Agencies: Forgetting that soft refresh could lead to sending out invoices with the wrong details. Double-check those invoices! 


  • What’s the Issue? Copying images using the Copy button in the rich text editor doesn’t work. The image just doesn’t get copied. 
  • How It Impacts Agencies: When using images in job and task briefings or document templates, you’ll need to save the image to your computer first, then insert it manually. While this workaround is a bit clunky, it ensures that your images are properly included. 

Pool Approvers 

  • The Pool Approval function isn’t working consistently when a substitute approver comes into play. The substitute approver is needed when an original approver is away. The substitute can approve tasks, but one of the original pool approvers still needs to approve them for the process to be completed. 
  • How It Impacts Agencies: Approvals might be delayed. We suggest adding the substitute to the pool of approvers in advance or temporarily changing the pool approver when someone is away. 

Deltek WorkBook 13.5 presents a solid update that improves usability and functionality across the board. By staying informed and prepared for these changes, agencies can maximize their efficiency and effectiveness within their ERP system. For agencies looking to optimize their systems and implement best practices with Deltek WorkBook 13.5, feel free to get in touch. At Tangram, we’ve worked with large network agencies like Dentsu, Ogilvy, and GPJ, as well as independents like Folk, Kinetic, and Mahlab, to streamline their ERP systems and achieve greater efficiencies in their business processes. 

Check out Deltek’s full release notes on WorkBook 13.5 and for the latest updates on features and enhancements.  

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