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Discover 5 Reasons for Investing in Agency Management Systems

The top 5 reasons for investing in agency management systems have become even more important in recent years. As long ago as 2016, Marketing Week wrote, “CMOs are looking to spend more on customer retention than acquisition, which means customer relationship management requires increased investment, with one-to-one communications increasingly replacing above-the-line campaigns.”

Carl Witton, Chief Growth Officer and Partner at Tangram takes you through the reasons to invest

With CMOs looking to concentrate on client retention and the onslaught of the Covid pandemic, it is all the more important that they invest in even more communication systems. Clients throughout the Asia Pacific region are becoming increasingly sophisticated, especially in China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and, of course, Australia.

1: Agency Management Systems Increase Client Retention

The issues facing the advertising industry that were there before Covid have simply been highlighted during the pandemic. The challenges that the pandemic has thrown up have certainly concentrated the mounds of the best managers out there. The APAC region has never been more competitive than it is at the moment. The blunt truth is that agencies that cannot provide the expert client care that customers are now demanding will simply fall by the wayside.

More and more, clients are focussing on ROI and are looking for both national and international reach. Let’s face it, with most of our business carried out in front of a computer screen, it doesn’t matter whether you are next door or several thousand miles away. Mismanage clients at your peril.

Historically, boutique agencies tended to have things their own way. Simply providing quality work was, traditionally, enough. However, in the current global market, high-end quality service and international standards of customer care are becoming, more and more, the norm. 

High-end CRM systems tailored to your exact requirements will drive your business better than ever before. When you are looking at investing in agency management systems, let Tangram show you how. We work with thousands of agencies globally and have decades of experience in providing best-in-class service.

2: Buying Management Agency Systems Tailored to Your Exact Needs

We all like to think that we are different. When it comes to agencies, we are. Over the years, agencies have evolved and now provide a multitude of services. Today, vibrant agencies offer social media management, media purchasing, creative and financial support, and much more.

With each added service comes new procedures requiring new software. The best agencies have become silos with their own software, clients, and databases. There is constant client collaboration. Financial departments are increasingly accountable for their clients’ complete billing and accounting.

Fully taking care of business means having the right tools for the job. This, in turn, will enable your company to sell services that complement what you already do. As you take responsibility for more of your clients‘ work, the bond between you grows stronger. 

3: Increase Customer Engagement

It is imperative that you stay in constant touch with your clients and that you know exactly when you last contacted them and the discussions that took place. Nothing looks more amateurish than pitching a service to a client only to discover that you have already pitched it and had it turned down. This kind of poor client interaction is death to any meaningful client relationship.

Connectivity between media buying and sales is absolute. Two departments offering the same services to a client at different times is a deal-breaker. Poor client relationships will ensue, followed by equally poor sales results. Buying agency systems with expert guidance will eliminate these issues.

buying agency systems

By putting the right system in place, these scenarios disappear. Tangram will soon learn exactly what the best system is for you to enable you to move forward. Let our experts guide you through the process. It will ensure your teams have all the relevant information at their fingertips before sending out those all-important first-contact emails. Your sales revenue will increase, and your client relationships will improve.

4: Reduce Complexity to Save Time and Resources

Most people would agree that IT is a complex and specialist subject. Imagine the complexity of 4 or 5 different departments all using different systems. The account manager would need to be an IT wizard to get their head around that lot. Four or five different logins and passwords, all with individual types of information and processes, create a huge headache. The risk of misinformation and chaos is running very high.

Every time an additional process is put in place, the risk of a communication breakdown increases. It is simply a waste of time and valuable resources. Account managers are busy enough without adding to their workload. It is human nature to cut corners when a person is overstretched and overstressed. 

The best way to eliminate all these risks is to install a fully integrated and easy-to-use system. As each member of the team adds their input, it becomes available to all who need it. It will relieve the stress on staff, cut down waste, and save time, and time is money. Investing in an agency management system does not have to be complicated. Our experts can guide you through the process.

Here at Tangram, our expert consultants have decades of experience. That experience has grown alongside technical developments, creating a workforce of unmatched expertise.

5: Simplify Your Existing Systems

Most if not all agencies do, in fact, already have It systems in place. However, like all processes, they are an ever-evolving thing. What was state of the art a decade ago is all but obsolete now. One only has to think of the FAX machine to realize that in IT, this is self-evident. 

In Advertising, success is all about keeping your customers happy and fully accepting that you are giving them your best. 


Investing in agency management systems can seem complicated and is, of course, obviously a big decision for any agency. Let Tangram talk you through what is absolutely best for your individual needs. We will help you to get it right, and getting it right means closing deals quicker! 

The best agencies stay constantly ahead of the game. Install the best system and you will be the best, it’s that simple. 


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