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Enterprise Resource Planning is Changing the World of Advertising

Carl Witton takes a look at centralised enterprise resource planning and its impact on advertising agencies.

For years there has been a misconception among international advertising agencies. Many felt that different enterprise resource planning was required, for each market. The world is a rapidly shrinking place. As technology drives businesses forward, the need for unique systems for each territory becomes obsolete. 

Agencies work in different countries with different currencies, languages, regulations, and internet access issues. Many businesses previously found that the only solution was to implement unique systems in each country. Today’s rapidly changing business world suggests a different approach is preferable.

COVID-19 Has Changed the Way We Think

It is now possible to centralise your company’s enterprise resource planning. The latest software systems use a single code base that includes localisations. The advantages are many. Separate systems become a problem for businesses trying to adopt a centralised approach to business culture. Collaborating across many different locations while completing either individual tasks or complicated projects brings real benefits. 

It is better to unify and therefore simplify your company’s operations, sales, customer service, and workflows in a fully international manner. Systems like Deltek Workbook, can do just that.

WorkBook is a complete agency management system. This software provides great solutions for enabling your agency to grow, allowing you to focus on your clients. In turn, this will improve strategic decisions for the future by streamlining your projects, employees, and balance sheets. You will gain better control, insight, and visibility throughout the life of each of your projects. 

enterprise resource planning

Security Issues

Realising that security is paramount, cloud delivery gives you total security and privacy. At the same time, it provides the flexibility required in today’s agency environment.

The Positive Impacts of Enterprise Resource Planning

Whether you are running a medium-sized business or a huge multi-national corporation, the positive impacts become all too apparent. 

1. Increase Visibility and Collaboration

enterprise resource planning

In a business climate that is cutthroat at times, weve often found that collaboration is the secret to success.” Forbes.

By centralising your enterprise resource planning with systems like WorkBook, you can integrate all your agency operations. This provides accurate visibility of your projects in real-time. The software contains visual dashboards and over 400 built-in reports, supplying all the necessary information for your agency. By implementing in a modular way, your system will grow at the same rate as your agency. 

2. Save Time

enterprise resource planning

The flexibility that these systems can bring to your business will increase your daily output. The time saved is better spent on direct dealing with clients and improving the quality of work from your employees. 

By integrating project management and time entry you will create more time in which to indulge your creative juices. It also eliminates the need to memorise job numbers. In the long term, you will find that it actually lowers IT costs.

3. Improve Client Relationships

enterprise resource planning

Stronger relationships will be developed by providing both brand managers and clients with more transparency. Also, the client portal will facilitate easier job requests and the ability to view project developments. Communications with the client become centralised and easier to track. 

4. Project Profitability

enterprise resource planning

The ability to make strategic staffing decisions is eased as you can forecast your capacity months in advance. The early recognition of this also enables you to decide on hiring full-time staff members or employing freelancers. By balancing the workload you will protect your employees from burnout resulting in a more contented workforce.

5. Customer Satisfaction

enterprise resource planning

The overall result of these measures will increase customer satisfaction significantly. Happy clients mean more referrals, which in turn means more profit. 

It is remarkable how easily centralised enterprise resource planning can now be implemented. The improvements that it will bring to your business are significant, and the positive impact on the quality of your work-life balance will be remarkable. 

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enterprise resource planning

This article first appeared as an opinion piece by Carl Witton on LinkedIn, May 2021

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