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Get Amazing Results by Changing the Way You Use Your CRM System

Good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can be incredible additions to agencies. However, if people substitute CRM systems for Marketing automation platforms and vice versa, you are missing out on some important uses of both.

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Carl Witton, Chief Growth Officer & Partner at TANGRAM looks at ways to ensure you are using your CRM and MarTech Systems correctly.

CRM Systems are used by most advertising agencies these days. From small teams to massive businesses, customer relationship handling is a vital part of any agency. The main aim of this software is to aid sales teams with lead generation and effective organization of their clients’ details and profiles. 

Marketing Technology (MarTech) arrived on the scene more than 15 years ago. It is estimated that there are more than 5,000 MarTech options available. However, many companies that use both MarTech and CRM Systems simply do not understand how they differ. 

Client Management is Vital

Client management should be a priority for all businesses. You will lose loyal customers if you fail to develop strong client relationships. The secret of good client management is all about nurturing those relationships and being organized. Creating client profiles and understanding the information gathered, will generate more opportunities.

As Manick Bhan of Forbes says, “Learn more about your clients. Once you land the client, keeping them happy is the next step, and getting personal is key. Keep plenty of information on all clients, and go beyond the standard address book or spreadsheet.”

Latest Generation CRM Systems

Today’s CRM systems will significantly assist you in qualifying leads and securing sales. They do this by creating a more personal customer profile, which delivers better processes for them. You must build relationships, understand your customers’ reactions, and capture all the relevant data. The way to achieve this is by using a really top CRM system. Here at Tangram, our highly experienced consultants can guide you. 

Start the Ball Rolling with MarTech Systems 

Marketing Software has one primary role; to drive traffic to your site, creating leads by managing online marketing campaigns. The user’s primary focus should be email marketing, tracking leads and traffic, landing pages, click-throughs, data capture, and conversions.

Marketing automation is simply a way to grab a client’s attention, then learn as much about them as possible. When you realize your efforts in marketing have generated more traffic, the sense of fulfillment is worthwhile. After all, generating leads through marketing is the crux of the matter. 

CRM Systems and MarTech Working Together

The trick for today’s agency teams is to get both client relationship management software and marketing automation working in harmony. The differences are not always apparent. However, once you realize their different purposes, it gets easier. The primary goal of each system is to manage valued clients and prospects to enable you to keep converting. It’s essential to work with them, building solid and, hopefully, successful business relationships. 

Benefits of Good CRM systems

These software solutions varied tremendously. Give us a call at Tangram for a detailed analysis of what is best for your agency. 

Depending on how advanced they are, CRM systems have different benefits. However, the newer and more advanced systems will have the following benefits: 

1: Your client data is stored easily, with personal profiles accurately created. This, of course, means that always have the client’s name and contact details to hand.

2: Integrating your system and your email client helps you to track emails and replies and set up follow-up calls.

3: Your sales team will be able to see where customers are in the sales funnel and what they need to do to create sales.

4: You can create a much more personalized profile of your clients. The ability to store life event details, like birthdays, can help close deals. The personal touch helps.

5: Sync your CRM System with your social media accounts. Listen to social chatter and respond. You can set up notifications for messages and mentions. 

6: Never again miss an important call. Schedule your email and call alerts to keep on top of clients. Making clients feel important is a deal closer.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

You’ve decided on a CRM system. What is the advantage of automating your marketing as well? Marketing Automation benefits businesses in multiple ways:

1: It enables sales and marketing teams to stay up to speed on prospects and opportunities. Using the data gathered through your campaigns ensures that this happens.

2: MarTech will save time. You can create automated, personalized emails. In addition, these emails are automatic if a prospect shows an interest or visits part of your marketing funnel. 

3: Take care of your admin tasks with scheduled campaigns. Furthermore, B2B marketing teams can sync all client details in one space. 

4: Target campaigns and create more innovative marketing budgets. Save specific, relevant data regarding clients’ future campaigns. Landing pages and web forms make things easy.

5: Track all campaigns and marketing by using inbuilt analytics. The ability to analyze allows you to improve all future campaigns. 

According to The Annuitas Group“Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience as much as a 451% increase in qualified leads.”

Don’t be fooled by thinking that each management platform only focuses on clients at different funnel stages. There is more to it than this since, as long ago as 2016, MarTech and CRM systems have been working in unison. Furthermore, Salesforce and Hubspot already work this way for smaller companies. 

In Short

MarTech helps you target ideal customers and send correct messages to them. Intelligent data assures accuracy. With this data, CRM systems push it forward and create sales. The two systems coexist perfectly. The prospect progresses through your system. A contact becomes a qualified lead that journeys through marketing and becomes a sale. At this point, CRM systems take over and manage things.


The best way is to use MarTech and CRM systems in conjunction to cover all possibilities. For example, marketing software schedules your emails, launches campaigns, and tracks clicks. Armed with this information, you can construct a personal profile of your prospects. 

Put a structured system in place and ensure that everything works in harmony. Always make sure that your teams have the right tools for the job. 

Ask Tangram for a demonstration of how these tools work effectively. You won’t regret it for a second. 

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