Agency Management System

How to Nail the Brief with WorkBook

Nailing the brief is an important part of any agency's work. We take a look at two agency management systems that can help you do just that!

The past year has seen the world adopt working from home as never before. Collaboration with colleagues and clients has never been so important. In a recent webinar, Senior Consultant Kye Hush, reviewed how agency management systems like WorkBook can foster better collaboration and help you nail the brief.

What is WorkBook?

 WorkBook is a total agency management system designed and built by agency veterans. Projects, people, and finance information is stored in one system. Giving agencies better control over projects.

Agency Management System
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How can agency management systems help an agency nail the brief?

WorkBook enables agencies to handle briefs and creative approvals easily and seamlessly. In WorkBook, users can store briefs at both job and task levels. Forget the constant stream of emails or Slack messages. With built in collaboration and approval features, all details relating to the brief remain in one place. So, if any aspect of the brief changes, all relevant people are notified immediately. 

Key Takeaways

WorkBook allows you to:

  • Manage approvals and collaborate on briefs – by using WorkBook, this becomes extremely easy to facilitate and maintain
  • Streamline the review cycle with both internal teams and clients – from start to finish, this is fully operational between project managers and their teams and their clients
  • Maintain a single source of truth – all information regarding the job is in one place
  • Manage scope creep – especially important in the current climate where budgetary restrictions can be severe

 To see WorkBook in action for yourself, book a demo with us. 

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