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5 Top Ways to Manage Agency Resources

Tangram Founder, Helen Johnson shares her top tips for optimising agency efficiency, fostering collaboration, and driving creative and commercial success.

With agencies being asked to do “more with less”, the importance of managing agency resources is more important than ever before. Striking a balance between creative excellence and commercial success is key. But what can agencies be doing to increase performance in resourcing and planning?  

At Tangram, we work with a range of agencies from top global agency networks to leading independents. The commonality we see in the most successful agencies are those that understand how resource management directly impacts the bottom line. Effective agency resourcing not only fosters a streamlined workflow but also minimises unnecessary costs, ultimately contributing to improved profitability and sustained success. Scope creep can be the killer for a lot of agencies, so a good grasp of agency resources can safeguard project timelines, budgets, and overall client satisfaction  

Let’s take a look at how you can successfully manage agency resources. 

1. Cultivate and Prioritise Talent

The most crucial asset for any agency is its people. Their skills shape the agency’s identity. By investing in comprehensive training for the staff, the agency can empower them not only to attract clients but, more importantly, to retain them over the long term. Teach by Tangram is an elearning platform that offers over 40 interactive on-demand lessons. Designed to enhance the skill sets of agency staff, it offers comprehensive training for new team members and refresher courses for existing staff. Try a 2-week free trial 

2. Embrace Technology for Efficiency

Leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Project management software, collaboration platforms, and resource planning tools can significantly reduce manual workload, minimise errors, and facilitate better communication within teams. Deltek WorkBook is built by agency veterans so has all of the functionality agencies are looking for that provide best practice solutions to help them grow. 

3. Foster a Culture of Collaboration

Establishing open channels of communication between management and staff is important for effective agency resource management. Maintaining a continuous two-way dialogue can tap into ideas, both good and bad, as a natural part of the creative process. Actively seek input from your staff, who know what’s happening on the ground. Involving employees in strategy and planning not only provides a comprehensive perspective but also builds their sense of value and loyalty to the agency.  

Weekly or monthly brainstorming sessions are incredibly valuable. It’s important to keep all levels of the team involved on the same page. Always ensure that anyone creating positive change receives the recognition they deserve. 

4.Communicate the importance of time tracking to all teams

Encourage teams to actively participate in resource management by tracking how jobs are budgeted and the time allocated to complete tasks and deliver campaigns. By making hour tracking a collaborative effort, you instill a sense of ownership among team members. This not only enhances their engagement in resource management but also ensures that every team member is invested in the efficiency of project timelines. It also ensures that teams are allocated the appropriate amount of time to creatively deliver projects and campaigns. Apps like TimeJam gamify timesheeting and help solve the constant battle of accurate time tracking.  

5. Constantly Re-Evaluate Your Methods

Just because something is working, doesn’t mean it cannot be improved. Always look for ways to tweak your approach in ways that will benefit your business. For example, regularly check in for client feedback to identify areas of improvement or explore emerging technologies that could streamline processes. This proactive approach ensures that your methods remain agile and continue to move your agency forward. 

If your agency is looking for ways to optimise processes or implement systems, find out more about Tangram Consulting Services and Tangram Technology 

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