Moving from TrafficLIVE to WorkBook

If your agency is planning to make the move from TrafficLIVE to WorkBook, this free eBook series is for you.

Before undertaking any system switch it’s important you understand what to expect from the move. That’s no different when moving from TrafficLIVE to WorkBook.

At Tangram, our consultants have many years experience implementing both TrafficLIVE and Deltek WorkBook and are considered the leading experts in both systems. We designed this FREE eBook series to give your agency a practical and detailed view of the key differences between the two systems. Understanding these differences will help ensure a successful migration for your agency. 

What's included?

The series is made up of three eBooks. The first is all about MASTER DATA. In it, we take a look at some of the main master data structures. We review the differences between the systems and offer up some items to consider when moving from TrafficLIVE to WorkBook. 

The second eBook reviews PROJECT WORKFLOWS across the two systems. We focus on some of the key differences and discuss how you may wish to leverage the new capabilities. 

In the final instalment, we help you plan for the move by talking about IMPLEMENTATION and the best way for your agency to implement WorkBook.

Download all three eBooks now.

Case Study: TrafficLIVE to WorkBook System Migration

Folk is a brand identity and experience design consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. They replaced TrafficLIVE, Xero and complex spreadsheets with Deltek WorkBook. Read our case study to see how they approached the implementation and the outcomes of making the move.

See WorkBook in action

To find out more about Deltek WorkBook and how it can work for your agency, contact us for a demo.

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