Supplier Management with AccountAbility

Keeping track of supplier quotes and invoices has never been easier. AccountAbility have introduced some great new features that make supplier management a breeze.

As anyone working in an agency knows, keeping track of agency admin can be time consuming, particularly when it comes to supplier management. Maintaining and overseeing supplier quotes, POs and invoices is enough to make anyone’s head spin. So, for our latest video we took a look at AccountAbility‘s supplier management features.

The team at AccountAbility have created a simple system for supplier management that includes requesting quotes from suppliers all the way to matching supplier invoices against those pesky PO’s. 

The benefits:

Some of the benefits of these features in AccountAbility include:
• Supplier Bids – allow project managers to send requests for costs to multiple suppliers at once, without having to leave the estimate the costs are required for.

• In-App Supplier Responses – suppliers are notified via email of the cost request and can upload the costs directly into AccountAbility. These costs will then automatically be recorded against the correct supplier bid. 

• Easy Transfer of Costs – the costs of the preferred supplier can easily be transferred to the client estimate. The estimate detail can then be used to create the required purchase order. 

• Automated Supplier Invoice Upload – using a dedicated email address, supplier invoices can be automatically uploaded to be reviewed and coded. 

By managing your supplier needs in AccountAbility, all supplier information is stored in one place for easy access. The process is also paper free, which is great for the environment.

Watch our video to learn more about about AccountAbility’s supplier management features.

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