10 Steps to Choosing the Right Agency Management Software

Investing in the right agency management software or ERP is a strategic move that demands careful consideration. It’s a big decision, and we get it. We delve into the crucial journey agencies must undertake to secure a lasting solution—one that not only addresses current needs but also paves the way for scalable growth. 

The 10 Steps for Choosing the Right Agency Management Software

1: Build the right team around you

When faced with persuasive sales reps, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. They’re well-versed in their products, no doubt, but don’t let that leave you feeling powerless. The key? Find a trustworthy ally, be transparent about your knowledge gaps, and let them steer you in the right direction. At Tangram, we offer consulting services to help find the right system for your agency’s requirements. 

The most successful agencies we’ve worked with are those that embrace feedback and are prepared to dive into their own research. Empowerment in decision-making starts with honesty and collaboration. 

2: Identify your agency needs

When it comes to agency technology solutions, one size does not fit all. Tech sales reps often cater to agencies of various sizes, and it’s crucial to recognise that the software needs of a start-up with 20 employees differ significantly from those of an established holding group with 20,000.  

To make the right choice, be clear about your agency’s requirements, ensuring a tailored fit for your business. Many agencies now understand the necessity of moving away from a generic approach and embracing solutions that align precisely with their unique requirements. 

We recently helped content marketing agency, Mahlab streamline and automate key agency processes by pinpointing their core requirements from quoting to invoicing to scheduling resources, combining operations and finance functions into a unified system. 

3: Understand Your Client Needs

In selecting agency management software, prioritize tools that streamline reporting and enhance collaboration. Many agencies rely on client input, so it’s crucial to confirm that the software allows for the inclusion of external users and fosters collaborative feedback. Choosing a product with these capabilities not only ensures transparency and compliance but also aligns with the collaborative nature of most agencies. 

4: Evaluate Customer Support

There is nothing more frustrating than investing in a product only to be left high and dry when there’s an issue and you need customer support. Prioritize products that provide comprehensive support packages to guide you through best-use practices. Opting for subscription-based models often includes extensive support, ensuring assistance is readily available when needed. Choose a solution that values ongoing support as much as the initial purchase. 

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5: Evaluate Cost of Use of Agency Management Software

Align the features and capabilities with your agency’s specific requirements, making sure you’re not paying for functionalities you don’t need. Subscription-based options offer financial flexibility, a huge plus if budgets are tight. 

6: Ensure Features Address Your Agency Needs and Requirements

A mismatch between your requirements and your agency’s management software can lead to more challenges than not having a system at allThe time and effort invested, especially in seeking support, can escalate significantly when dealing with disparate systems. This not only increases the workload and stress for your teams but also incurs additional, avoidable costs. By clearly understanding the information necessary for forecasting and reporting, you can choose a solution that precisely caters to your agency’s needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and a seamless workflow. 

To find out more, check out this webinar hosted by Tangram Founder, Helen Johnson on How To Choose The Right Agency Management System 

7: Check out Reviews

It’s always worth looking at vendors’ social media. This will give a good indication of just how happy their customers are. Also, check online forums and ask questions that are relevant to your agency model. At the same time, ask friends and colleagues in the same line of business as yourself. These tasks will provide a rounded answer to many of your concerns. 

8: Always Ask Tough Questions

Before sitting down to a meeting with a potential vendor, prepare a concise list of questions. Note their answers, particularly those they seem to have trouble answering. Don’t be afraid to follow up with them and make sure you have the right information to report back to your team. If you have concerns, make sure if they are with the software, or the person trying to sell it. These are two very different issues. 

9: Carry Out an Industry Fit Check

There are many management software products on the market. Make sure that what you are looking at is tailor-made agency management software. A tool crafted for a medical practice won’t cut it for your agency, no matter how fancy it is. Choosing the right fit prevents unnecessary stress on your account and finance teams. 

10: Always Focus on R.O.I.

The cheapest products often work out anything but. By using the steps above, you can focus on the returns that your software provides. Collaborate with your vendor to make precise calculations on expected returns. 


These 10 steps offer a robust guide for navigating the complexities of choosing agency management software.  Finding a trustworthy advisor is crucial, and Tangram, with decades of expertise, stands ready to offer valuable insights. You can take a look at some of our case studies where we’ve helped agencies big and small find the right solution for them.

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