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5 Reasons Why Great Leaders Mean Higher Profits

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Carl Witton, Chief Growth Officer & Partner at Tangram, looks at what it takes to make great leaders and how that translates into higher profits for your company.

Some people are born great leaders, some achieve great leadership skills, and others have great leadership thrust upon them. OK, so it’s not original, but it is extremely apt. 

Great leaders are honest individuals with a strong sense of duty, a passion for what they do, and immense confidence in their ability to achieve it. The following five reasons outline why great leaders make more money for their companies. 

1. Aim to hire superstars

Far from being frightened by having superstars chasing their jobs, truly great leaders have the confidence to build a team full of high flyers. 

Top leaders spot great talent instinctively. They may already have the best team in the business, but they know that it can always be improved. Like the best sport coaches, they recognize that the best time to recruit new players is when you are at the top of your game. 

Having the very best players on your team will ensure a rise in profits.

2. Are approachable

Great leaders are approachable. Whether joining celebrations for a colleague’s birthday, participating in a team event or rolling up their sleeves to help meet a deadline, this demonstrates a willingness to be part of the team. By being a team player, they are automatically more approachable. 

Another way to ensure approachability is by removing barriers between themselves and their staff. Establishing an open-door policy, demonstrates a willingness to listen. Knowing there is a direct line of communication to their manager gives employees confidence that they’re being looked after. 

3. Lead by example

It is very easy to lose track of the big picture by focusing merely on profits. Obviously, the bottom line and ROI are important. However, these are not achieved by forgetting what sustains a company long-term – its employees.

Of course, employees work for financial reward, but for many, how a company treats its staff is just as, if not more, important. The old approach of the more hours spent at the desk the better, has been long proven to be a false premise. With long hours come diminishing returns.

Great leaders lead by example. They’re not afraid to leave work on time to spend quality time with family or friends. If the boss has a healthy work-life balance, then it makes it’s easier for employees to do the same. Happy employees are the linchpin of a successful, profitable business. 

4. Are transparent

This is probably the easiest to achieve. Great leaders are open and honest with employees. By sharing things like financial forecasts and your vision for the company, staff feel trusted and like true members of your organisation. 

If questions are asked, answer them honestly, and in a forthright manner. By being better informed, they will make better decisions for you and your business. By making better decisions, profits will be on the rise. 

5. Project a great company image

It’s all well and good having a good product, but it needs to be sold. Just imagine where Apple would be without first Steve Jobs and then Tim Cook. People believe in the product because they believe in the boss. Other companies around the globe have recognizable great leaders. Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook and of course Bill Gates at Microsoft are all top leaders who inspired not just their employees but a generation. 

Love them or hate them, these powerhouses are truly impressive leaders. People want to work for them. It is not by accident that the companies grew and kept growing. 


Honesty, integrity, drive and a passion for a company they believe in are the most obvious traits in the best business leaders. They possess an openness and confidence that is contagious. The best leaders will employ the very best people without fear of their jobs. Their doors are always open, and they make people feel valued. Everything they do is for the company good and because of that, profits soar.

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