Sneak Peek: Client Collaboration with the WorkBook Client Portal

Client collaboration is about working in partnership with your client to achieve effective problem solving. 

Thanks to modern day technology it’s now easier than ever to collaborate with clients. So for our latest sneak peek video, we took a look at WorkBook‘s client portal, perfect for agencies looking for that all-important client collaboration.

What is the Client Portal?

The WorkBook client portal allows your client to collaborate on projects within WorkBook. Depending on the permissions you set, they can have the ability to view jobs, briefs and timelines, approve estimates and even create new jobs. Which benefits both agency and client, as all the project information is stored in one place.

The benefits:

Some of the benefits of the WorkBook Client Portal include:
• Job conversations and the ability to share files makes working together easy. No more searching for missing emails or files as everything is filed against the job in WorkBook.

• Having visibility of a project’s timeline, gives an immediate sense of transparency. With clients able to see task due dates and key project milestones.

• Job and brief creation, empowers clients, making them responsible for getting their jobs and briefs into WorkBook. It also enables them to collaborate on the brief with the agency and review any changes.

• Client approval of estimates through the portal, means the estimate and job status can automatically update. No more manual status updates.

• Being cloud based means there is no complicated setup for the client. They simply log in using a URL.

By including client collaboration as part of your agency process, you’re not only making the process of managing your projects easier, you’re also encouraging the client to be part of the team.

Watch our video to see how the client portal process would work in practice.

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