WorkBook: Managing capacity via an exception profile

This method allows you to create a capacity profile that is flexible and can be applied to multiple employees at the same time. 

Step-by-step guide

  • In the Settings module, someone with the relevant access will need to go to Employee Settings and create a new Exception Capacity Profile
  • Give the exception profile a new name

Then complete the following:

  • Date range (a) this profile should take affect from and to
  • Select the employee/s (b) this profile belongs to
  • Complete the capacity profile (c)of the employee/s for the date range
  • Click on recalculate capacity calendar button (d) to load the available dates against the employee/s

You can review the employee’s new capacity, in the overview tab of their employee capacity profile.

Tip: Given we don’t know how long this crisis will go on for, if you need to extend an exception profile, then you can do so by changing the end date and refreshing.


If however, the days/hours need changing, you should create a new exception profile by following the instructions above.

Remember: when changing an employee’s hours or days, previously scheduled tasks may need to be moved to accommodate the changes.

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