Leveraging ERP capabilities and improving workflows for NoA

The Challenge

The North Alliance (NoA) is Scandinavia’s leading creative-tech agency network, with a 1250-strong team. Since it was founded in 2014, NoA has acquired a whole host of agencies. The network has been looking for an ERP solution to seamlessly integrate these agencies, enabling a group-level overview of processes, reporting and standardised systems.  

NoA needed a partner to help with the adoption and implementation of its existing group ERP system, Deltek WorkBook. With over 100 years of collective WorkBook experience, Tangram knew it could help with governing architecture for the group’s overall processes and guide in software opportunities for the network. 

The Solution

Tangram spearheaded an overhaul of NoA’s operational landscape. We reviewed and optimised NoA’s infrastructure, including system setup, financial reporting mechanisms, access rights, and intercompany reconciliation processes. 

We helped develop a robust governing architecture for NoA’s overarching processes. This strategic blueprint not only streamlines workflows but also sets the foundation for scalability and adaptability for future growth. 

Furthermore, we helped guide NoA through the intricate setup of WorkBook, unlocking its full potential. Our insights and hands-on assistance ensured that WorkBook became a powerful tool tailored to align with NoA’s specific needs and objectives. 

Since early 2022, the collaborative relationship with NoA and Tangram has evolved and we actively contribute to NoA’s enterprise resource planning (ERP). We help facilitate the integration of newly acquired entities within the group and support multiple integrations with diverse software solutions. 

Business Results

1. Standardised Processes 

An alignment and standardisation of processes across acquired companies established a cohesive operational framework. Standardised reporting on group level allowed for more visibility and deeper insights for the network.  

2. Enhanced Internal Competencies 

NoA seized the opportunity to build internal competencies around processes and systems facilitating a much stronger business and operational platform.  

3. Efficient Intercompany Operations 

Optimised intercompany operations has simplified reporting and workflows in Workbook. This transformation addresses a previously challenging and time-consuming task for a large network like NoA, making it better controlled, quicker and more efficient. 

4. Streamlining Implementations 

NoA is frequently acquiring new companies and Tangram has been assisting with multiple implementations since our partnership began.  

One of the companies is creative agency, Bob the Robot. It has seen initial success in applying the scheduling functionality to move away from manual excel sheets scattered around the organisation. With WorkBook Scheduling, we have seen a much more unified and transparent process based on a single source of truth with PMs, COO and other stakeholders working more effectively when it comes to scheduling and optimised resourcing for their teams.  

5. Strategic Growth Positioning 

With WorkBook integrating with other NoA systems and standardised processes, NoA is strategically positioned for scalable growth, aligning with the network’s acquisition goals. 

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