TrafficLIVE to WorkBook system migration

TrafficLIVE to WorkBook System Migration

Folk is a brand identity and experience design consultancy based in Sydney. The agency wanted to replace Deltek TrafficLIVE, Xero and complex spreadsheets with a fully integrated ERP system.

Folk Case Study

The Requirement

Tangram helped Folk evaluate if Deltek WorkBook would meet their key business objectives, which centred around:

  • Greater visibility of agency data to make informed decisions and focus on scaling and growing the business
  • Giving teams the tools and data to reduce scope creep, track over/underspend and maximize job profitability
  • Easily track revenue recognized, WIP and client profitability in one place

The Approach

  • Folk engaged Tangram for the end-to-end implementation of the system because of our in-depth knowledge and experience in both Deltek TrafficLIVE and Deltek WorkBook systems and data structures. 
  • A series of data gathering and mapping sessions were designed to consolidate data from existing systems and exploit WorkBook’s extensive reporting capabilities.
  • We ran a two-day MAPT™ business process mapping workshop with the agency’s core decision makers to establish processes and design a system that would meet the current and future needs of the business. 
  • Tangram trained the team and they completed user acceptance testing to familiarise themselves with the system and refine processes prior to go live. This gave agency management full confidence in their new way of working and insight to the data and reporting available. 
  • The implementation was fully supported with tailored training sessions and materials, as well as finance-specific month end training and support sessions. 

The Outcome

  • Simplified processes and a more efficient way of working has reduced admin time and having instant access to detailed job information is allowing project teams to curb scope creep and make decisions that have a direct impact on job profitability. 
  • Access to succinct and accurate business critical and financial data allows the business to assess and make real-time decisions that can directly impact agency profitability. 

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