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Deltek is the leading global provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses

Built by ex-agency folks, Deltek WorkBook is a total agency management system that brings data from creative services, account management, project management, finance, and operations all together, under one system. By streamlining projects, people and finance in a single cloud-based solution, Deltek WorkBook gives better control, insight and visibility of your business, in real time.  

Finance Teams: Streamline Reporting and Financial Forecasting

  • Centralised Financial Data: Replace Excel sheets with a single system for capturing all financial data. 
  • Reporting and Forecasting: Deltek WorkBook streamlines reporting, reconciliation, and forecasting. 
  • Comprehensive Performance Overview: Gain a holistic view of your agency’s performance from a single source. 
  • Empowered Account Teams: Grant ownership to account teams for tracking and managing project financials. 

Account Management: Optimise project visibility and performance

  • Real-Time Project Management: Centralise project management for real-time oversight. Scope, plan, invoice and reconcile in a single platform. 
  • Proactive Team Resourcing and Forecasting: Stay one step ahead with clear insights into team resourcing and workflow management. 
  • Build Client Relationships: Develop strong client relationships through greater transparency on campaign financials and performance. 

Agency Leaders: A single source of truth for your business data

  • Real-Time Budget and Profit Monitoring: Monitor budgets and profit margins in real time for immediate insights. Make informed decisions with a complete overview of your agency’s financial and operational landscape. 
  • Time Savings with Centralised Data: One central system for all teams to manage projects, resources, finance, and billing, freeing up time to focus on delivering great work for clients. 
  • Empower teams with the right tools: Empower teams to deliver a better client experience with efficient workflows and processes. 
Tangram partners with Deltek to deliver their flagship products to marketing & communications companies across the world.
Case Study: How Tangram implemented an end-to-end project management platform across the network. >>>
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